What to do in quebec city with kids

There are few places in Quebec City that you can visit with your kids, and everyone will love.If you have time, start at l’Office de Tourisme des Sept-les in Ste Thrse to get a map of the City and discover the best places to visit.Have a panoramic view of the city from at the top of l’Observatoire des Neiges, overlooking the whole city.Go to Notre-Dame Basilica to see the famous architecture and The Underground City (la Cite des Grands-Saults).Walk along Saint-Urbain Street and have some tasty smoked meat sandwiches in one of the many cafes.Have a swim in Sainte-Catherine Pool or Golf Course or cross la Rive Royale to visit Belvedere Park and Parc du Mont Royal.

What are 3 things you should do if you are a first time visitor to Qubec City?

I grew up in Quebec, and I had the best childhood. Its a very happy place that you can safely leave your kids alone for long periods of time.For anyone thinking about moving there, I have a few tips:1) Make friends! People in Quebec are very friendly, so youll have no problem making friends.2) Get a pet! Its very hard to find pet-friendly accommodation in small cities like Montreal or Quebec City.3) Dont learn French! My parents made that mistake and are still trying to learn it as an adult. My brother learned early on and has never needed to study it since.

Where can I take my kids in Quebec City?

Acadia Park is a great place to take your kids in Quebec City, there they can play in the small playground, run around the lawn and slide. If you want to spend some more time outside , go Caperouse park, there are several playgrounds and a small forest with trails, I both of these parks. And if you want to spend some time in one of the city’s most typical pyramids cabane sucre , go to Cabane sucre de Magog, it’s located near the port of Ste-Thrse. A perfect place for a family outing together.If you’re looking for something quieter or more exclusive, I can recommend Le Camp de l’Ile au Serpent, a summer festival is being held there this week-end and many restaurants and bars are closing down for the summer season making it a real concentration of cultural activities in Quebec City.Let me know if you have any questions !

Is Quebec good for kids?

I think Quebec is good for kids. I don’t think it is fair to compare any two countries, but as a whole, I think Quebec is a great place to raise a family. The climate is great and the culture is unique. The cost of living is a little high, but not much higher than other parts of Canada. It’s also very safe.There are tons of activities in Quebec for kids to get involved in. There are French and English public schools, sports leagues, after school activities, and more! There are also many summer camps available.I would definitely recommend living in Quebec if you’re looking for a great place to raise your family!

10 Things to Do in Quebec City With Kids

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