What to do in the first wedding night

When your new spouse puts a marriage ring on your finger, you probably feel a wave of euphoria, or possibly fear and anxiety. But one thing is guaranteedyou’re going to have sex one day.Your first time together as a married couple is going to be an exciting and emotional time. You will probably be nervous about how your body is going to react and what your new spouse expects from you. Try your best to relax, listen to each other’s needs, and trust each other. Get some sexual healing in before you jump into itmassage, acupuncture, self-pleasure, whatever works for youso that you can both be comfortable and relaxed.A first time can be very difficult for everyone involved, but it’s also incredibly special. Don’t take it for granted; take time to celebrate the intimacy of the moment and the bond that you have with each other. Don’t pressure each other or rush in to finishembrace the moment (or several moments!) together and enjoy the feeling of being one flesh with your new mate.

What do couples do in their wedding night?

It is customary for newlyweds to spend the first night of their marriage together. After this, it is up to them to decide on the activities that they would like to do. Some couples might like to spend the night in a romantic setting, while others might prefer to stay in and catch up on some sleep. Whatever the case may be, there are a few things that are universally expected from a wedding night (or honeymoon, for that matter) that should be adhered to by all involved.First and foremost, it is important for couples to have mutual respect for one another. This means respecting each other’s boundaries and desires as well as never being aggressive or intrusive with one another.Second, it is equally important that both parties involved drink only water or non-alcoholic beverages during their wedding night (even though alcohol can be consumed later). This is because alcohol has the propensity to impair judgment, thus increasing the risk of sexual violence or other forms of abuse or non-consensual behavior occurring.Finally, it is also important that both parties involved use protection during their wedding night (either through the use of a condom or through the birth control pill). Even though it is not absolutely required, it is still highly advised due to the increased risk of sexually transmitted infections occurring between married couples.

Our FIRST wedding night! What really happens??

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