What to expect on your wedding night

On Wedding Night, Your new spouse may ask your permission to:1. In her wedding dress remove the veil/train or stocking and you may change back into your wedding clothes together. (This is usually not a demand, but a request.)2. Take a few pictures (selfies) of you two together.3. Change into pajamas together. (This is usually not a demand, but a request.)4. Get some sleep if you want to before waking up early with the whole group for your honeymoon.5. Prepare something special for you both to eat alone before having a little of first meal as a newly weds with family and friends.

What do most couples do on their wedding night?

The following is a true story:A man was having dinner with his girlfriend when he asked if they had done it yet. She said they hadn’t, so he volunteered to stay in the room and she could go out and find someone to give her a hand.She said fine and they both went to the other room. He said it would be a shame if something were to happen to her because she was so beautiful. She told him that he would have to find something else to say because that sounded like a line.He looked at her for a moment then said how sad he was it was their first night together and that meant nothing to either of them, but that maybe someday they would meet someone nice and get married and have children. She told him that that was a very beautiful sentiment, but she couldn’t see herself knowing someone like him for 60 years. He excused himself for a moment then came back with two dogtags in his hand. He handed one of the tags to her saying ‘here’ this is yours if you ever change your mind.’ Then he gave the second tag to her saying ‘here this one is mine if I ever change my mind.’

What are you supposed to do on your wedding night?

We all know the old clich “It’s the wedding night nerves that kill!” That’s so true. So, here’s what you can do on your wedding night that will make everything so much more exciting (and romantic):1. Get into bed naked, facing each other and cuddling for a few minutes to calm your nerves.2. Try some sensual massage (this works for both of you).3. Have some foreplay before you get completely naked, if possible.4. Try some oral sex (or mutual masturbation) to get your honey excited before you go all the way.

What happens on the night of wedding?

On the day of your wedding, there is usually a ceremony held at the temple. This ceremony is called Panna. In this ceremony, the couple will pray to their parents asking for their blessings and their blessing as well. After this ceremony, your guests and family members will be invited to a dinner. This dinner is called Namma Sathi (Kannada). On the night of your wedding, your husband and wife will go to their bedroom and spend time alone together. After this time, they will get into the bed, and everyone in the family will come in, sing songs and tell all the good memories about you two and your journey so far together. Then, you two will join them in saying all these memories as well. Then at last you two get married; that is your wedding night.

What should a bride do on her wedding night?

A bride should follow these tips on her wedding night:1. Try to get some rest before your wedding night. You may be nervous, excited, or both- either way, you should try to rest well before your wedding day so you can be ready for anything!2. If you are staying at a hotel, ask that the room be made up with fresh sheets and pillows so everything is perfect.3. Try on your wedding dress before the wedding. Dont forget about accessories! Make sure everything is in place and fits properly before the big day so there are no surprises!4. Before you go to bed, write or dictate a quick message or letter to your husband so he knows how much you love him and miss him. Leave it somewhere he can see later- it will make his whole day if he sees it after they say their vows!5. It may be awkward, but try kissing your fianc goodnight before bed. Make sure it is a real kiss- no tongues or anything- just a nice kiss goodbye.


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