What type of suit to wear to a wedding

What you wear to a wedding should depend on the ceremony and where it is being held. If the wedding is being held at a church or another religious location, you would likely dress more conservatively than if it is being held in a hotel or restaurant. At a hotel or restaurant, you may dress more casually than at a church. If the wedding is being held at a hotel or restaurant, you may also want to consider wearing comfortable shoes that can be changed into after the ceremony.If you are attending a wedding in which you are not married to the bride or groom, its best to wear something that is neither too dressy nor too casual. Very formal wedding outfits are likely to be uncomfortable and may also be inappropriate at a hotel or restaurant. Jeans and comfortable shirts are usually fine. If in doubt, you can always ask someone who knows the bride or groom what they would recommend.

What kind of suit to wear to a wedding?

If you are attending a wedding, then you obviously have some idea of what kind of suit to wear. However, if you’re looking for some general guidelines, I would suggest a white dress shirt with a dark suit is the most traditional option. A dark tie is also a nice touch. For any other type of event where you might be mixing and mingling with the guests, a dress shirt and pant combination is probably your best bet. If you’re going with something more formal, try to get it tailored to fit well.In general, I would avoid wearing formal wear to anything that will be in a formal setting (wedding, conference room, etc). Going too formal for informal settings can make you look out of place. Suit and tie is fine for work events or dinner parties, but that’s about as formal as I would go at home.

What to Wear to a Wedding – Men’s Wedding Guest Outfits

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