When can i stop paying child support in ontario

When the child reaches the age of majority, or when the child chooses to live separate and apart from their parent for more than half of the year, depending on the province.http://www.ontario.ca/page/child-support

At what age does a dad stop paying child support?

A parent is obligated to financially support their child until the child turns 18 years old. If a child is still in high school, however, their parents do not need to continue providing that child with financial support. In fact, it may be in their best interests for the child to begin financially contributing to the household by working part time or taking on a job after high school.As for when a parent should stop paying child support, this will depend on a variety of factors. It will vary based on the financial situation of the family, the needs of the child, and the wishes of both parents. Additionally, if a parent travels or relocates far away from their child, they may choose to stop paying support until they can see them again in person. There are many personal and family-specific factors that will influence when and how often a parent should provide financial assistance to their child.

At what age child support ends in Canada?

The child support division of the Canadian Courts look at a number of factors to determine the appropriate child support amount, but one of the most important is whether one spouse or the other has financial means to support the child.The child support division of the Canadian Courts will look at both parents’ financial situation, including their incomes and any forms of spousal or family income, such as pensions or alimony. They will also look at any outside resources that could be available to support the child, such as savings or investments.The courts will also consider a parent’s ability to contribute to the child’s education, such as through daycare or private school. The courts will also consider any special needs of the child, such as medical care or daycare in a particular location.Finally, the courts will take into account each parent’s relative share of responsibility for supporting the family. They will then calculate their percentage share of each parent’s total income and assets, and apply that percentage towards their respective income and assets in calculating their net income.

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