When can kids have popcorn

The answer to this question depends on how old your child is, how much supervision you are comfortable with, and the kind of popcorn you are buying.If your child is old enough to be around unsupervised, try having a movie night and make some popcorn. If you’re not sure how your child will react, wait until you can be sure he or she will be okay.If you’re going to be supervising the eating of the popcorn, I would recommend not letting them have all of it. Be sure to serve some for yourself and for a snacking treat. It’s a great treat, but not something that should be eaten all the time. You don’t want to make it a regular part of their diet. A little goes a long way!I think movie night popcorn is best if it’s plain. Avoid anything with additional ingredients or flavors. My personal favorite is Pop Secret plain kettle corn- just makes it so much better!

Why can’t kids under 4 have popcorn?

Because they don’t know how to eat it and they choke. I don’t want that stinking popcorn all over my couch.

When Can Kids Have Popcorn? – Exercise Daily Magazine

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