When do you stop paying child support

When the child reaches 18 years old or after the child graduates from high school, whichever is earlier. The child may ask for a decrease in support if he or she is financially independent, able to support him/herself, or attending college.There are also penalties for late payment of child support. One or both parents could face:1.additional child support payments2.a fine3.suspension of driver’s license4.termination of driving privileges

Does child support end automatically in Texas?

Yes, child support ends automatically in Texas if the child is no longer living with their parent. The child support agreement must provide guidelines for how child support ends and how to resume paying when the child returns to their home state.If the child is attending college or military school, the agreement must provide guidelines for how much the custodial parent must cover in costs. If the student does not have a budget, the custodial parent can contribute up to the cost of living allowance. If the student does have a budget, the amount must be reasonable.

When Does Child Support End?

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