When is family day 2023

According to the United Nations, the 2018 UN International Day of Families is observed on March 29. The day commemorates the signing of the UN Millennium Declaration on July 29, 2000, which affirmed that family life must be protected and respected through peace and prosperity.The date falls on March 29 in 2018 due to its being a holiday in Philippines.

What are the stat holidays in Ontario 2023?

Thanksgiving Day – 25 Nov 2023New Years Day – 01 Jan 2024Good Friday – 04 Apr 2024Victoria Day – 03 May 2025Canada Day – 02 July 2026Labour Day – first Monday in August 2027Aboriginal Peoples Day – second Monday in August 2028Remembrance Day – second Monday in October 2028Christmas Day – 25 Dec 2028Boxing day – 26 Dec 2028

Is Family Day Ontario only?

Yes, Family Day is an official holiday in Ontario. It takes place on the third Monday of February each year, and its a day thats dedicated to celebrating the importance of families in our society.The purpose of Family Day is to recognise the unique and important role that families play in our communities. The day is intended to be a fun and inclusive way to celebrate families, while also raising awareness about the importance of supporting them.Throughout the province, there are a number of events and activities planned for Family Day 2018. Families are encouraged to get together and share special moments with loved ones, or just spend time together doing something they enjoy together. There are also lots of family-oriented events and activities planned for this special day.This is a special holiday that we all need to celebrate together! Its a day thats meant to be enjoyed by all members of the family.

First Day Of School family of 8! 2022-2023 school year

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