When is family day in 2017

Family Day is observed on the second Sunday of August every year. The traditional observances of Family Day involve family reunions and outings. The day is a time for families to come together and relax. Traditionally, it was a day for children and their parents to get away from work and school, and spend time together in more informal settings.The purpose of Family Day is to recognize the importance of family in our lives, as well as the sacrifices that families make each day to provide for and care for each other. It is also a day to promote the health and well-being of children by celebrating healthy living.

Is Family Day always the 21st?

No, it isnt always the 21st. The only time it is the 21st is in 2018, which is May 21. In 2019 and 2020, it shifts to May 18 and May 25, respectively.In 2017, Family Day was December 19, not 21. In 2016, it came on November 16th. And in 2015 it was 11/12/13 December 25th. So its weird that you think 2018 will be the year of Family Day being on the 21st of every month when 2018 is actually December 20th not December 18th as you said in your comment.

Is Feb 21 Family Day a holiday?

No, Feb 21 is not a national holiday in India. However, this day is observed as ‘Children’s Day’ by several associations and schools.According to an order issued by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, children’s day is celebrated on 21st February according to the Hindu lunisolar calendar. The public sector companies like Railways, Air India, etc are closed on this day. This day is also observed as Teachers’ Day by schools.

Is Family Day always Feb 15?

yes familt day is every feb 15i cant believe that we are at the end of february and its already so close to march and family day. i feel like im fake goin on a family trip. oh well gotta love it.so i have been so busy this week has been crazy. i got a new desk that my boss gave me for the week and my new boss, steve gave me a giant smiley face pencil holder. he’s so nice and goofy, it’s kind of annoying but awesome all at the same time.had so much fun with tiffany and katie last night, it was really really really really really really really really really really really really really late but worth it!and had to do it again tonight to! we were just sitting around playing cards and laughing madly at all our terrible jokes. such happy moments in my life now. we are becoming extremely close with each other. love you both katie and tiffany! can’t wait to see you both tomorrow!END


Family Day of Service 2017

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