When is family day in new brunswick

According to HR time at Canada New brunswick is December 28

What provinces have no Family Day?

There are no provinces in Canada that do not observe Family Day.All provinces and territories, except Yukon and Nunavut, observe Family Day. It is a statutory holiday in British Columbia and Saskatchewan, but the day is not a public holiday in those provinces.In the Northwest Territories, Family Day is recognized as a statutory holiday with no pay.

What is Family Day in New Brunswick?

Family Day is a day set aside to celebrate the family. It is observed on the first Monday in August. Family Day celebrates the strength and unity of the family unit and features family-oriented activities and celebrations across New Brunswick. Family Day is a great time to focus on your loved ones and to appreciate the many contributions they make to your life. Family Day activities include free face painting, family movie nights, free meal vouchers, and much more! To find out more about Family Day in New Brunswick, visit https://newbrunswick.ca/activities/family-day/.Family Day in New Brunswick features free events, family-friendly activities, and much more!

New Brunswick Family Day

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