Where do i apply for child support

You apply for child support by filing a Motion for Child Support Support Services. The amount you ask for depends on your income and the needs of your child. You will have to prove your income and the needs of your child too.When you apply for maintenance under a separation agreement, you may also ask for child support. If your agreement includes child support, it is likely that you will stay together and share caregiving duties.

How do I apply for child support in New Mexico?

Child support in New Mexico is based on the best interests of the child rule. Child support is calculated using the percentage of income of both parents. The amount of child support will be changed during a child’s life if one parent’s income changes, or if one parent requires more financial resources to care for the child.If you are looking for child support in New Mexico, you can go to your county courthouse and apply for a case number. The clerk will assign you a case number and then you can apply for child support online with the Office of Family Support.

What Is Child Support?

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