Where to sell wedding dress

A bride needs to sell her wedding dress as follow A. First choose the dress that you want to sell.B. After deciding on the dress, find a salesperson or a store that deals with wedding dresses.C. Find out what prices other brides are selling their wedding dresses for.D. Make an offer on the dress you want to sell and accept the seller’s best price.E. If necessary, have the dress altered before selling it to the buyer.

What do you do with a used wedding dress?

I would re-sell it! Its a beautiful wedding dress and you may find someone who would love it! There are so many wonderful places where you can sell second hand wedding dresses, including online shops and on websites such as eBay or Poshmark.In case you dont want to put it up for sale, there are a few things you can do with the wedding dress after your wedding:1). Donate it: Not only is this a great option but it also helps to get your old wedding dress out of your home. You can donate to local charities or run the dress through a dry cleaning service. If you would like to keep the dress, make sure to properly care for it so that it lasts as long as possible. You can store the dress in a draw or in your closet away from sunlight and heat.2). Dont throw it away: Finally, if donating isnt an option then dont worry about throwing your wedding dress away. You can always find a way to use the dress in another way, such as making a quilt or using it as decoration around your home.

How to Resell Your Wedding Dress After Your Wedding

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