Where to sell wedding ring after divorce

it dependsIf you are selling the ring for personal reasons (like buying a new one or giving it to your daughter), then you can simply offer it on a market or through a website like e-thaisn. If you are selling the ring for business purposes (like selling it to raise money), then you should approach trusted jewellers.

How can I sell my wedding ring for the most money?

A good way to sell your wedding ring is to offer it to a jeweler or another person you know who is willing to buy it. You can then either negotiate the price or just have the person buy it for the most money they can.The selling price will vary depending on the item and the condition. If you can find a buyer who is willing to pay more than what you are getting from a pawn shop or gift shop, then that is an ideal situation. However, if someone is buying your ring for less than what you can get elsewhere, you may have to give up some of the profit.

What do you do with a wedding ring after divorce?

I would suggest you to sell your wedding ring and buy a ring of your choice.Wedding is a sacred event and it should be cherished always. The most precious thing that belongs to us is our soulmate. Its a shame to destroy such a beautiful affair by selling it. I think you should treasure this moment for the rest of your life, by buying another one. I would suggest you to shop online, because there are more options to choose from.

Do you sell wedding rings after divorce?

I think it depends, I sell them as previews so no I don’t sell them but it is a Vending Machine for people that purchase our Wedding Packages.If the couple wants to sell their wedding rings, they can do so. I would not sell the rings because I wouldn’t make any money on that. The rings are part of the package, they are not separate items.The rings are in a vending machine (operated by me) and people can buy a preview of the Wedding Package and then if they decide to purchase the entire package, they can retrieve their preview of wedding rings to get started working on their ring design. If you order multiple previews at once, it will be cheaper.

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