Where was one perfect wedding filmed

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Who is the male star of One Perfect Wedding?

Fritsch Sutherland is the most popular male star of One Perfect Wedding. The cast of One Perfect Wedding includes two sets of twin brothers: one set of triplets and the other set of two brothers. The triplets are Fritsch, George, and Andrew Sutherland; and the two boys are Liam, George, and Andrew Sutherland.Liam Sutherland is a handsome young man who is a doctor and boy-crazed. In One Perfect Wedding, Liam embarks on a physical relationship with his bimbo girlfriend Brianna Edelstein and hires a security guard to watch her in his absence. In One Perfect Wedding, Fritsch kisses Brianna in front of Liam, to test his commitment to his girlfriend. At the beach party where Liam is interacting with women, Brianna is being filmed by Bimbo Camera for a video about how to hook up with guys. When Brianna wanders off alone into the bohemian woods at night, she finds Fritsch shirtless asleep in a tent cabin with a woman on top of him. Brianna then sets off firecrackers near them to ruin their afterglow moments together.Brianna tries to hook up with her biker ex-boyfriend Ruan on their lunch date but only succeeds in getting caught making out in the car wash with bad boy Raphael Parker. Ruan breaks up with her before he goes over to meet up with his girlfriend Katie at a bar where she is singing karaoke while trying to sing matches between song lyrics such as I kissed you and Lips like that like her friend Chelsea did on Bimbo Camera trying to make new friends at school like Mandy Ludlow who ruins everything by insulting Chelsea in front of Ruan’s girlfriend Katie who then dumps him for him leaving Ruan heartbroken who sees Chelsea crying in the car wash then finds it funny after Ruan asks why are you laughing about an innocent girl getting dumped which causes Ruan to slap him hard causing them both to get arrested after lashing out at each other ruining all of their plans leading Katie to go back home while Katie’s brother Bernard tells Ruan he doesn’t have any choice after he has become so erratic whenever they get close though Ruan still has feelings for Katie despite all thisAndrew Sutherland is an accomplished musician; he plays guitar in Fritschs band throughout the shows season one arc. Following

Preview – One Perfect Wedding – Hallmark Channel

Sneak Peek – One Perfect Wedding – Hallmark Channel

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