Which stray kids member are you

I was born in 1980, we were a poor family. In my childhood days we were living in a rented two room house, I had two younger siblings. Things were very difficult for us in those days. I used to beg for food and money at times. But one thing that made life tolerable for me was my weapon of choice. No matter how hungry I was or how much pain I was feeling, I used to pretend that I am hit by a bullet and brought to hospital by my parents. The pain would go away for a while and then return a little bit later.I spent hours playing with my parents kitchen knife at times, pretending that I am cutting someones throat (I loved blood), at times hiding behind the door and pretending that someone is beating me up (I was living in a wild forest so it used to happen), sometimes crawling on the floor pretending that something is chasing me (more like stalking me), while sometimes sitting on the couch pretending that though there is not enough space between me and the TV , there are 4 other people sitting here, one on each corner of couch and then jumping on top of it, pretending to face them (apparently it was funny).Anyway the point is whatever way you imagine the pain you feel, by simulating its effect on yourself you can divert your mind from reality and avoid giving up or just giving up altogether when things become really really hard #wisoclassic #truestory #neversageforever Register Here – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/simulating-pain-to-avoid-giving-up-tickets-7764146049

Which stray kids member am I?

You are a stray kid, a regular guy,A normal guy searching for his lost memories….Missing your mom and not giving up your dreams for one and only your dad.And that’s all about you as a stray kid and to complete the answer I am adding this video of mine which is always on loop in my mind. In case you are also missing someone, I am sure it will give you a little relief.#END

Which Stray Kids Member Are You?

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