Who plays cam on modern family

according to modern family’s website, Cam (Matt Long) has been a part of the show since it’s pilot. He’s the love interest of Gloria’s oldest daughter Alex (AILA SHORT) and is currently dating Jay (Ed O’Neill), who is the father of Luke and Lily. Cam drives Alex crazy with his strange behaviors, which are compounded by the fact that Cam never seems to get what she is saying. Cam also has a traumatic past with Gloria (earing a terrible circumcision incident as a child), but all is well in the present as Gloria and Cam have mended their relationship.Lily (AJganic) doesn’t exactly take to Cam immediately, but she does warm up to him eventually. Luke (Nolan Gould) sees through Cam’s act at first, but eventually gives in and lets Cam be his dad. Jay (Ed O’Neill) thinks that Cam’s strange behaviors are hilarious at first, but then he gets annoyed with them, only to come back around again!

Is Cameron and Mitchell from Modern Family straight?

Yes, Cam and Mitchell are straight. Cam and Mitchell are a couple on modern family. They live together in a house together. They have been together for 2 years at the moment of writing this. Cam is 35 and Mitchell is 30. They have a son that they adopted named RFP in the series show called modern family. Cam works as a commercial pilot, and Mitchell works as a photographer in Los AngelesDo not edit or change the given Info. Also, don’t make your own answer. Be unique and give credit where credit is due if you use other’s info

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