Who ran over the family in london ontario

The family that was run over in #LondonOntario by at least 2 vehicles is not racist, a lot of the reviews say. They are a normal family. People saying they are racist are just trying to make a story. M A K I T T E (@matteo_akaito) June 11, 2018

Who is the Afzaal family?

The Afzaal family is a fictional family that appears in four novels by Chetan Bhagat. The novels are One Times One Man and One India One Test. The series follows the life of one of the Afzaal’s sons, Ravi Sharma.The family members:1.) Ravi – The son of Afzaal Munnu and Pushpa Sharma who is a brilliant student but an outcast due to his preference for computer studies over humanities. He lives with his Nanaji, who constantly reminds him to study more so as to be a perfect son and he doesn’t take kindly to it but under pressure she stops it and her presence keeps his mother Munnu in check when she gets too busy with other things like fixing up Ravi’s room or painting it, she tends to make all the decisions even though they both were married it seems. His main interests are science and girls although he knows that girls don’t notice him at all, he constantly tells himself that he’s attractive like only mum notices that he doesn’t need science but his Nanaji always rubs it in making him study even more. Although he does get a girlfriend Paige but their constant arguments about studying is what finally pulls them apart because she wants to go on a trip with her friends and study together where as he just wants to catch up with her step-sister Matanya Shrivastava .

Who was the killer in London Ontario?

In June 1934, four men attacked and killed one Mrs. Nellie Arthur in London Ontario. They were arrested for the killing but were released for lack of evidence. After their release, the four men continued searching for Nellie’s husband Tommy Arthur, who also lived in London. One night Tommy Arthur was riding his bike in a dark area when he was run down and killed by a car. The four men who had been released from jail went to Mr. Arthur’s funeral and waited outside his grave for him to come out. When he did go home, they attacked him and killed him. After that, they went to Mrs. Arthur’s house and demanded to know where Tommy had hidden some money that he was supposed to be giving to her. As soon as she told them were it was hidden, they beat her up and then shot her while she tried to run out of the house crying for help. As soon as Mrs. Arthur was dead the men then moved on to the rest of their family home in London and shot each of them dead as they slept in their beds; Elizabeth Arthur (mother), Kenneth Arthur (stepfather), Donald Arthur (brother), Edith Arthur (sister) ,and Rita Talbot (best friend). All the murders took place within three days in several different areas of London Ontario all at once around midnight so no one would know what happened and there would be no witnesses except for each other family members who were already dead at the time of the killings itself . The murders are suspected to have been ordered from Detroit by a man named John ‘Jack’ Horner who is also believed to have been the leader of an organized crime group in Detroit called ‘Horner Gang’. The murder weapon used was a Thompson Machine Gun found by police in a storage barn that had been rented out by someone later identified as Robert ‘Red’ Horner from Detroit Michigan .This information is from Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_Ontario_massacre

Hundreds gather to commemorate London, Ont., family killed …

Muslim family killed in targeted hit and run in London, Ont.

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