Who won kids baking championship 2016

In 2016, the Kids’ Baking Championship was held at the Lyric Theatre in Loughton, Essex. The final featured eight children and their baking creations: Maya, 8, made Funky Monkey Cookies; Ellie, 7, made Awkward Bear Cookies; James, 7, made Freddy Fruity Fruit Puffs; Ellie, 6, made Peacock Eye Cookies; Manny, 7, made Shark Bites; Alia,6,made Monster Marshmallows; and Maxine Smithson , 6 ,made Blue (Violet) Jelly Donuts.The aim of the contest was to find the best homemade cookie.The contest was judged by a team of bakers from Lyric Baking Club based at the theatre. The panel included Lyric chef Philip Greenbank and Michelin-starred pastry chef Greg Attwood from Max & Stuart . The judges awarded the competition’s overall champion prize of 500 to Ellie Thacker of Malvern Link Primary School in Malvern with James Lay of St Saviour’s Church of England School in Sharnford Heath.Ellie’s Funky Monkey Cookies scored highest points for their taste and texture. James’ Freddy Fruity Fruit Puffs scored highest for their shape and taste. Maxine Smithson’s Blue Jelly Donuts scored highest for taste as well as texture. In addition to taking home the overall winning prize money of 500 each: Ellie Thacker (Funky Monkey Cookie), James Lay (Fruity Puff) and Maxine Smithsone (Jelly Donut) were each awarded a 100 prize from Lyric Theatre itself along with St James College Primary School in Fulham .

Who won 2016 baking Championship?

The 2016 US IDF Baking Championship was held on October 26th 2016 in New York City, NY and was hosted by The International Dietary Foundation. Twenty four bakers competed for the championship title and $20,000 in prize money.The finalists were as follows:1st Place Place: Peter ZICCHINO of NY2d Place Place: Luca GIUGLIANO of NY3d Place Place: Miguel BRUNO of NY4th Place Place: Atsuko TSUKADA of NY5th Place Place: Brian ALEMA of NY6th Place Place: Megan VAN HORNE of NY7th Place: Rick KELLY of FLA.8th place: Owen LINTEMAN of NY9th place: Elena CRISTINA SIBESCU of NY.

Who Won Kids Baking Championship 2017?

Mira Sada was crowned the Kidss Baking Champion of the world at the Biscuit and Co. 2018 International Biscuit Championships on September 16. The 10-year-old from Sheffield, England beat 1,000 other contestants to take home the prestigious title.Mira beat competition finalists Hayley Larkin and Eleanor Pounta in a three-round challenge involving glazing, cutting, and decorating biscuits and cupcakes. The three then whittled down the top two contenders to one finalist each. That last contestant squared off against Mira in the final round to celebrate their win.

Who won Kids Baking Champion season 2?

The winning team was Jennifer Smith and Willy Waters from Florida. They won with a cake that was made of Oreos and cake batter.Kids Baking Champion is a baking show that takes place in Orlando, Florida. The show is hosted by Lindsay Ridgley and Jack Johnson, who are both famous baking show hosts in the United States. The show features kids of all ages who learn how to create beautiful baking desserts. Some of the ingredients that are used are frostings, glazes, and sprinkles.The first season of Kids Baking Champion was a huge success. The judges were shocked by the quality and inventive nature of the creations by the kids. This season, there were six teams of two kids each. They each had their own special theme for their cakes and went head to head to create the best dessert possible under their theme; Black Forest Cake for one team and Minions for another.Jennifer Smith and Willy Waters from Florida won with a cake made out of Oreos and cake batter that took second place at the national competition on May 6th 2018. The judges commented on Jennifer’s creative thinking while Willy did an excellent job on his portion of the cake as well. In addition to receiving a trophy, they both received $3,000 dollars which is donated by some well-known sponsors like Oreo Crme Eggs and Jacobs Crackers which was so sweet as well.#END

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