Why did william afton kill the kids

Afton parents were very strict with him and he didnt like this. One day he drowned his two siblings. He was 13 at that time.There were so many incidents that he was completely insane, his father sent him to live with his aunt and uncle and also change schools.Afton also started seeing pills from his Aunt and Uncles room. He tried to steal them, because he wanted to stop being alive. So his parents accused him of stealing the pills, so they could kill him.When Afton went home, his dad threaten to kill him if he meet up with those people again, who were at the lake the day before with jacobs body. Thats why Alden and Jacob arent dead in the lake in chapter 2 and they die later on.

When did Afton start killing?

Afton was first seen killing a rooster by stabbing it with a pocket knife. Afton was 9 years-old.Afton starts killing when she is 13 years-old and Cassidy begins killing. Afton kills random people who she feels are getting what she can’t. Afton also kills Cassidy’s animal friends Danny, Spike, and Albert. Like Afton, Cassidy kills by stabbing. They both drink their victims’ blood.They begin to kill humans too at this time. They kill the parents of Taylor who they meet in a standoff at the sawmill (Danny).Afton ends up destroying Taylor’s family by burning down the house they live in with them and Taylor’s mom and her daughter inside (spending most of the book without a home) because Taylor had a secret relationship with her boyfriend which her boyfriend told to Afton during an argument which Afton overheard but didn’t hear anything more about it except when she caught Taylor trying to get rid of evidence in a toxic pool and instead had sex there with her boyfriend much to her amazement in this book we also see that even though she likes Simon and is beginning to have feelings for him that at this point she still wants nothing more than for Taylor to die horribly. Later they burn down the family’s new house after Taylor catches them on fire in the old one because they had found some money hidden on the new property that Taylor had made Cassidy move things into an abandoned cabin after killing the rest of its residents including Simon (the cat) and Kate (the dog) with the old family’s help even though Kate sensed Cassidy wasn’t exactly trustworthy leading to when Afton gives Emma frosting for her birthday in this book I felt for her again when someone came up behind me was about to slash my throat with a knife but then said that I should take this shower like you said or your blood will be all over the walls in your room before turning around I knew why Simon didn’t want me anywhere near the bathroom when I was naked except for my bathrobe he said something about if his girlfriend saw me naked she would think he was gay not that he has any real reason or anything like he’s just being funny but it made me laugh any way so let me get back on track Emily said something about taking showers like you said then I asked what do you think it means probably I know why haven’t you ever told your parents you know where

What did William Afton do to the 5 kids?

William Afton was an American serial killer and sex offender active in the late 19th and early 20

What did William Afton do?

William Henry Afton was an American chemical engineer and inventor. He is best known for his pioneering research on petrol alkali. Afton discoveredand introduced successfully to the chemical industrythe first truly safe and effective catalytic cracking catalyst, Afton PCC, which greatly improved the energy efficiency of this process.Afton was born in Chicopee, Massachusetts on May 23, 1899 and died in Medfield on July 8, 1982.After college Afton worked as a chemist for the Diamond Match Company making matches. In 1924 he moved to Atlanta to work as a researcher at Burroughs Adding Machine Company where he invented collapsible tubes for glass pipes. In 1927 Afton was employed by Hughes Tool and Die Company in Chicago, Illinois to make glass beads used in their automatic glass bead roll machines.In 1929 Afton started his own business, Chemical Engineering Laboratories of America. His business manufactured dyes for the textile industry and catalysts for the chemical industry. It was here that Afton developed new types of catalyst based on ammonium sulphate and copper chloride that he called AFTON PCC (McCormack 2005: 162-3). This catalyst would change the worlds production of fuel from petrol to gasoil (oil from gas). His invention improved the efficiency of catalytic cracking by as much as 90% . The world would never be the same again

What did William Afton do to his family?

William Afton, the founder of Afton Laundry, a cleaning materials and services business, was known to have been a difficult man to work for. He allegedly required employees to work long hours for little pay, and he was often angry and critical of his employees. In addition, Afton was reportedly cruel and violent towards his family. One of his daughters claimed that he sexually abused her throughout her childhood. She had a nervous breakdown after the abuse and later developed alcohol problems. His other daughter had a similar experience with her father. She also developed alcohol problems after suffering from traumatic flashbacks years later.

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