Why do kids eat boogers

Im not sure why kids eat boogers, but I can guess.It sounds disgusting to me (and gross), but maybe Boogers taste good.Maybe they taste like candy or something. Who knows? Just kids.

Why do older kids pick their nose and eat it?

Well first of all kids pick their nose for many reasons. But I think most times it is to get something out or because they are bored.Second I think after they are done with the nose picking they will usually put the stuff they get out in their mouth so that they can taste it and enjoy it.I hope you guys enjoyed this 🙂

How do I get my kid to stop eating boogers?

Ive done a ton of research on this because its both the grossest thing ever and also a real question that people ask me all the time. So here are all my findings (with a little commentary):Kids eat boogers because:-It tastes really good.-It’s exciting and scary at the same time.-It’s gross, but also makes them feel powerful.-They think theyre being mature.-They’re just curious.-Their body chemistry is off enough that it tastes similar to candy or something.

A three year old explains why eating boogers is fun.

This Is Why YOU Should Never Ever Eat Your Boogers …

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