How do i get a divorce

The best way to get a divorce is to go through the court system, which involves filing for a legal dissolution of your marriage. The court will then determine how the divorce will be handled, including the division of property, child custody, and support obligations.Once you have filed for divorce with the court, you will need to wait for a hearing date before the judge will agree to approve the divorce. This can take several months, so it’s important to have patience and follow the process as it unfolds.Once your divorce becomes final, you can then marry someone else if you so choose. If you don’t want to remarry, you can still maintain contact with your spouse (if allowed by the court) or choose to remain single.

How much is it to get a divorce in Ontario?

First, you should contact your local court clerk to find out the cost to file for divorce in your jurisdiction. Then, you can begin searching for a attorney. The average cost of divorce in Ontario is approximately $22,500.Additionally, you will have to pay child support and/or spousal support as directed by the Court. These may not be paid all at once and will depend on your income and the income of your spouse. Additionally, you may have to pay maintenance or alimony to one or both of your ex-spouses if you are ordered to do so by the Court.

11 Things You Should Know Before filing for Divorce

How To Get Divorced – Steps to Getting a Divorce

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