How to get child support in bc

The child support program is a provincial initiative that helps parents financially meet the needs of their children. It was designed to ensure that children have access to the resources they need to be healthy, happy, and able to flourish.To receive child support in British Columbia, you must be the parent or guardian who has legal or physical custody of the child; the other parent can be a grandparent, relative, or other person.The amount of child support you get will depend on your income and the needs of your child(ren). The child support program also offers Income Cap and Needs Standards calculators that can help you figure out how much support you will receive.

How do I get child support in BC?

Under the Family Maintenance Act, a spouse is entitled to child support from their spouse in BC. Spouses may apply to the Family Maintenance Services for support.In order to determine the amount of support, the Family Maintenance Service will use one of two methods: a table or a calculation. The table will provide a specific amount for each child and the service will use that amount to calculate the total. The calculation method is more complex and gives more guidance as to how much support should be given for each child.Child support is based on income and needs. The amount paid will be adjusted annually based on inflation.If there are minor children from a previous relationship, under section 53 of the Family Maintenance Act, that spouse will be responsible for all reasonable expenses for that child provided by the custodial parent. This would include things like daycare, after school programs, summer camp or vacations.

How long does child support take in BC?

For child support purposes, the calculation is made on an income share basis. The parent with the higher income pays a percentage of their gross income as child support. There are also guidelines that spell out how much child support may be awarded per month.The guidelines are:Child Support Guidelines in BC – 2015Parents combined annual incomes before tax: $100,001 – $140,000: $420 (plus 11% increase) plus 22% of the difference to $140,001 and over.Parents combined annual incomes before tax: $140,001 – $160,000: $450 (plus 12% increase) plus 24% of the difference to $160,001 and over.Parents combined annual incomes before tax: $160,001 – $170,000: $480 (plus 13% increase) plus 26% of the difference to $170,001 and over.Parents combined annual incomes before tax: Over $170,000: Child support is calculated on 33% standard of living for both parents plus 4%.

Common questions about receiving child support

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