What hand do u wear a wedding ring on

I wear my wedding ring on my middle finger.- I wear a wedding ring on my middle finger because it suits me better than on my ring finger or index finger (which I don’t use for the most part).- It is the most common choice of ring finger in Western cultures.- It is convenient to wear a wedding ring on your middle finger because you can easily slip it on and off with one hand.

Can I wear wedding ring on right hand?

It is always better to wear wedding ring on your left hand or your engagement ring is also fine on your right hand. In case you are wearing band on your right hand which is tight one do not forget to take care of it by wearing a ring guard.

Do you wear your wedding ring on right or left?

I have ring that fits tighter on left hand. So I wear it on the left hand. But when the RING IS ON MY LEFT HAND, my wedding ring finger is bigger than usual. The ring looks smaller on my left hand. Not to worry though, because my ring looks very beautiful on both my hands.If you suffer from an abnormality of your finger when wearing a wedding ring, I recommend it will be better to keep your wedding ring on the right hand.


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