Where is the wedding veil filmed

In the movie, The DUFF, the wedding scene is where Rachel and Drew first meet. It is filmed in front of the main gates of Dimmsdale High School. The camera pans around the large gym and into a few different alcoves before focusing on the bride and groom. There are actual lockers in use behind them.The reason I know this is because I have been there. Dimmsdale High School is where I attend school and I have been there many times filming stuff for my YouTube channelyoutube.com/user/pangum from dimmsdaleThe actual location was amazing! The gym was breathtakingly beautiful, and it was difficult to find good light for filming due to the large glass windows all around us. I found a quieter corner that had large, open glass doors as well, which was great because we had giant windows in front of us but no one could see in right away or sneak a look at me.I would disagree with your guess though on where exactly it’s filmed because there are other backyards farther back but it’s not far so if you walk down through the building you will find it really easily.I got some amazing footage of this back when I was filming her walking towards him and then they were kissing once she saw him, which looked so much more real than anything else out there right now!

Where was wedding veil filmed?

In Buxton, Derbyshire, UK.1). Buxton is a small town located in the Peak District National Park. It is famous for its association with Anne Robinson (from TV programme TheJaniceEldridgeShow) and for the stunning bridal route that runs through the town.2). Buxton wedding route is often referred to as ‘The Janice Eldridge route’ because of her wedding to John Eldridge in 2008. Indeed, plenty of filming took place at the Buxton Conference Centre, the Church of St Mary Magdalene and the Water Gardens (where the reception was held).3). A number of local businesses were also used – including The Edge pub and Jansz Coffee Bar.4). The best place to get married in Buxton is at the idyllic Water Gardens. The wedding venue and reception facilities have been recently refurbished and modernised, and are really stunning now!5). The Water Gardens are located near Astley Castle and are home to Snowdonia Swimming Pool and Astley Sports & Leisure Centre. There’s also a cafe on site serving food all day long.

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