What happened to andy on modern family

Andy is the name of oldest brother in the family. Andy is gay. He was married to Lily who was pregnant with Miles and became Sarah. He revealed this when his ex-wife Lily and his newborn son Miles were about to have a picture taken at their house..He was in tears and told them that he’s andy and not Miles’ father, because he’s gay, he made Sarah. Lilly was angry with andy and they called off the wedding.andy is now back in normal life. He’s dating Claire. He has just remarried Sarah to his new wife!

Why did they make Andy leave Modern Family?

Andy Richter, the actor who plays Phil Dunphy on the ABC television series Modern Family has confirmed that he will not continue his role on the show. The 57-year-old actor made the announcement via Twitter on May 31, announcing that he would not be returning for Season 10.Richter wrote: Well Ive been asked to let everybody know that I have decided not to return to @TheRealPhilD on @ModernFamilyABCHe went on to say: I wish everyone there the bestI will continue making TV but this is a good point. Thanks to all your emails and calls. Season 10 can start at wits end. Thanks everybody.Richter has been with Modern Family since its inception in 2011, joining just a few weeks after the pilot had already been filmed. He was quickly brought in to play Phil Dunphy, the familys harried father and PTA president who works as an assistant manager at a local Waffle House in California. While it was later revealed that Richter would be leaving the show after one season, he confirmed in his tweet that there would indeed be a Season 10 of Modern Family.

Modern Family – Haley & Andy Relationship Timeline

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