What happens in first wedding night

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What do couples do on wedding night?

Couples do everything on wedding night that they did before the wedding. They sleep in their own bed, have sex on their own, and watch movies together. There are no special activities on the wedding night because everything that couples did before the wedding was special.Because there are no special activities on the wedding night, there is no reason for couples to change anything about their wedding night except for one thing. If couples dont have sex on the first night of their honeymoon, they should start having sex on their honeymoon. If they dont want to change something about their wedding night, they can keep it the same.Couples can celebrate their marriage any way they want on the first wedding night of their honeymoon or whenever they end up taking a honeymoon (if its sooner than one year after their wedding day). The only thing that matters is that couples are celebrating together as a married couple.

Our FIRST wedding night! What really happens??


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