What year did family day start in ontario

January 1, 2017: Family Day is a national holiday in Ontario, Canada that celebrates the family unit. It falls on the last Monday in January and was originally intended to be a day off for public servants but was extended to the general public in 2011. The holiday was first celebrated in 1974, and was originally intended as a time off for public servants only. The holiday became official in 2011. It is also called Family Day or Family Sundays.

Why was family day created?

The Family day is a holiday observed on the second Sunday of February. It is observed to celebrate the importance of the family and all its members. The holiday is observed in India, Bangladesh and Nepal.The reason for creating this holiday was to encourage people to spend time with their family and also to recognize their importance in our lives. Most importantly, the holiday allows us to unplug from technology, disconnect from our devices and reconnect with our loved ones.This weekend, take some time for yourself, your loved ones and your health. Turn off your technology and connect with each other. Have a family dinner together or go for an outing with just your loved ones. Use these days to recharge so you’re ready to tackle another week together.

FAMILY DAY (CANADA) – WikiVidi Documentary

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