How much do family doctors make in ontario

According to the latest Medscape salary report, annual salary for a family doctor in Ontario, Canada is $200,000. In the United States, the same title earns an average annual salary of $166,000.If you are pursuing a career as a family doctor in Ontario, you’ll start out with a base pay of $200,000. That’s before benefits and bonuses are taken into account.First-year salary bumps up to $225,000 after 1 year, to $250,000 after 2 years, and to $287,500 after 3 years.After 4 years of experience as a family doctor in Ontario, salary bumps up to $300,000 per year. This jumps to $321,500 after 5 years and continues to rise at that pace all the way to 11 years of experience at a salary of $554,500 per year.

How much does a family doctor make in Canada per year?

In Canada a family doctor can earn between C$125,000 and C$150,000 per year. This salary is dependent upon the doctor’s experience, qualifications and location.

Canada vs. USA Doctor Salaries Explained

The Average Medical Doctor salary in Canada

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