Why did woojin leave stray kids

He(Woojin) left them because he fucking knew the pain that they are going through, patlok runner gave him glimpses of the pain of their lives and he wanted to move on too boy, I’m just not gonna feel sorry for stupid ass kids who are abused by their parents because they have a disease called STRAYS(Hi).#givememyselfagoodexample

Why did one member leave Stray Kids?

After 4 years together, JeA and Stray kids final split, but JeA and hyun joo both worked out the misunderstanding with each other through phone.- After that moment, Hyun joo finally stopped texting him and blocked him on every social media site..- Fans are very upset because JeA is the member with highest social media fan base- Fans are blaming Hyun joo who they think was the reason to JeA’s relationship with Stray kids

When did Woojin left Stray Kids?

It was at the end of episode 22. The episode starts with members going to their homes. Woojin is lying down on a floor while Minhyuk and Jinyoung are playing video games.Jinyoung: Headshot, headshot!Minhyuk: I’m sorry NooOh oh.Ha ha haJinyoung: I was aiming for his head, right?!!Minhyuk: Ha ha yeah, you got me! What’s wrong?Getting mad?Woojin is lying down on the floor while they tease him.Minhyuk: Alright guys let’s go, I won! I am home first Alright Woojin, nice to meet you~ (hugging Woojin) Jinyoung! See you another time Jinyoung: Bye guys Bye Bye (to self) Guys so cute Woojin’s funny like a joke.It’s a good dayThe stars say that it’s good END

Who got kicked out of Stray Kids?

It was revealed that Hyejin (Sunny) fired Hyukjun (Jimin) because he didn’t tell her that he needed the money for his mother. After the concert, Hyejin met up with Hyukjun and asked Jimin to leave them alone. Hyukjun has been really pissed off about it so he decided to leave too.Hyejin was scared that he’s going to be mad at her and tried to convince him not to go but then she saw that Jimin wasn’t even looking back at her and just walked away, so she had no choice but to follow him. They were just walking away when Hyejin was crying.Afterwards on QN, Sunny said: “I couldn’t do anything about what happened in a public space, so I just had to leave I am sorry to Hyukjun It was the lack of communication, but please give me some time If it’s better, I will try harder.”It seems like they’re fine~ keep your eyes on the boys’ show because they were being super adorable!

The real reason why Woojin left straykids unfolds …

The Woojin Situation – When He Left Stray Kids

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