How far back can retroactive child support go

The amount of backchild support depends on a number of factors, including the age and health of the child. The amount may also depend on other factors, such as the financial status of the parents.The length of backchild support payments can also vary. For example, if a parent pays backchild support for 20 years, the payment will be for the 20 years and one day. On the other hand, if a parent pays backchild support for only five years, the payment will be for only five years and one day.Backchild support may be canceled if a child reaches 18 years old or legally emancipates. If backchild support is canceled or ends before the child reaches 18 or 16 and a half, depending on which state you live in, child support payments stop. The child is responsible for paying any remaining amount that is owed.Child support may not be completely retroactive, but it may go back as far as when medical assistance was first provided to the child or when they were last admitted to a public school.

Is child support retroactive in CT?

No, child support is not retroactive in Connecticut. Child support obligations are calculated based on current financial circumstances, not based on the past circumstances of the parents. This means that if you pay less child support than you should, the parent receiving the payment may only receive the difference back from you. If you pay more child support than you should, the parent paying the support may only get to keep the difference.If your circumstances change in such a way that you owe less child support or if there is more child support owing than is currently being paid, you should contact your court to modify your orders and make any necessary changes in payment.

Child support: retroactive support and variations for recipients

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