How many kids does obama have

Nobody knows how many kids President Obama has, but because he and his wife, Michelle, have three children in their own family, we can guess. Lets start with their three biological children: Malia, Sasha, and Bo. We know these three children are Barack and Michelles biological children because they are the only ones who are mentioned by name in the following passage from a speech that Michelle Obama gave in 2014:After our girls went to bed, we had one last responsibilityto help the president and first lady put together a small gift for each of the girlssomething that would be thoughtful and meaningful for them to open on Christmas morning. As we were putting finishing touches on Malias gift, I turned around to see if Sasha was ready for her gift yet. She wasn’t. She was still searching for it. ‘Where is it?’ she asked. It would be her last Christmas as an only child.’ What is she looking for? Think carefully . . . .’ ‘The new Barbie Dreamhouse,’ I said quietly. The look on her face was priceless: pure joy, excitement and wonder all in one. ‘Oh my God,’ she said suddenly. Then she turned to face me squarely in the middle of the room: one hand clutching her chest, the other pointing into the air like a gunas though she was aiming at a particular spot just out of reach…Finally found it! Unbelievable! I thought as I watched this all unfoldShe had managed to find both gifts by herselfa feat no one but her mother and me expected her to accomplish. After allshe was an only child!’Some people will say Malia is an unusual name for a girl who probably has two siblingsor that this suggests the president may have another child out of wedlock, which would make him a hypocrite.’ But Obama may not be thinking about these things when he chooses names for his kids; he might just want something that sounds nice’There isn’t any shortage of baby names,’ Michelle told CNN’s Erin Burnett during an interview that aired earlier this year. ‘You can pick from any variation you want and no one else can take it.’ And anywaywherever you get your ideas about how many kids President Obama hasone thing is clear: none of us have any idea how many there are.’

Does Obama have a son or daughter?

No, Barack Obama does not have a son or daughter. Barack and Michelle Obama are the parents of two daughters: Malia and Sasha.Barack and Michelle met in 1992 in Chicago, Illinois, United States and were married in 1992. They have two daughters, Malia (born in 1998) and Sasha (born in 2001).The Obama family lives in Washington DC and is very close to the women who raised them: Sharon Robinson and Mildred Taylor. The two grandmothers are godmothers to Malia and Sasha; both girls call them ‘aunty.’ The family has lived in a mansion on Massachusetts Avenue since late 2010.

Who are Obama’s daughters?

Malia Obama, who is 19 years old, attends Princeton University in the US. She studies political science and is majoring in public affairs with a minor in ethnic studies. She also goes on to Yale University for her junior year in 2015. Sydney is 14 years old and attends the private school Sidwell Friends in Washington DC. She studies at the nation’s capital public school Sidwell Friends. Sasha Obama, who is 17 years old, attends high school in Chicago. While she does not attend a public school she attends after-school programs and sports at a local public high school.

Does Michelle Obama have two daughters?

Actually, Michelle Obama has two daughters. : Malia Obama is the eldest daughter of Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United Sates. She was born on July 2015. She turns 16 on August 3, 2016. : Sasha Obama is the younger daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama. She was born on October 2010.’

Barack Obama Reveals What Daughters Sasha and Malia Are …

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