How to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk

1. Respect your childs feelings, thoughts and ideasIf you start a conversation with, I think you are right your child will most probably tune out and not listen to you either.2. Be direct and honest with your childIf you say to your child, I love how careful you are when crossing the street, he will most probably think that he is being overly cautious. Instead, tell him that he is being very protective and responsible.

How Do You Talk So kids Will Listen programs?

No matter what the circumstances may be, it is very important to assume a tone of authority and be firm in your approach. Most importantly, be patient with the child and give them time to adjust. Additionally, involve the child in the process and explain why the rules are in place. Finally, make sure to follow through with the rules!

How Do You Talk So kids Will Listen & Listen So kids Will Talk summary?

Children learn best when they listen to adults and when they are allowed to ask questions.In order to ensure that your child listens and understands, try to speak in a quiet, calm voice. Avoid becoming frustrated or angry with your child. Encourage your child to ask questions as well. This will help your child develop confidence in expressing her own opinions and ideas.Encouraging mutual respect between you and your child is also important. Do not shout or get angry with your child in public. Instead, show your child that you value his or her opinion by listening to what s/he has to say. This will develop mutual understanding and respect between you and the child.

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk

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