Which mall is open on family day

There is no specific mall which is open on the last Sunday of October, instead the malls will be offering some discounted deals for the visitors.Malls like Reliance Digital are offering Re 1 vouchers to all the customers which can be used to buy any product from the mall.Oyo Rooms is offering a discount on booking of rooms between October 28 to 31. Even foodpanda, which has its headquarters in Mumbai, is also giving discounts on food. Thus there will be lots of discounts available on last weekend, which you can take advantage of.

Are shops open on Family Day Vancouver?

Most shops are open on Family Day, with the usual exceptions of stores such as banks and post offices which are usually closed on this day. There may also be some temporary closures due to events or promotions.There is also an extra day off for employees on this day, which means that there may be some extra shopping opportunities for employees.

Are malls open on Family Day Toronto?

No, malls are not open on Family Day Toronto. Family Day is a national holiday in Canada that celebrates the bonds of family and kinship. It is celebrated on the second Thursday in June. Many employers also give their employees a day off on Family Day to spend time with their families.

family day at the mall

Family Day 2022

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