How many kids does wayne gretzky have

Wayne Gretzky has three children: Paulina (born 1992), Trevor (born 1994), and Ty (born 1996). Wayne Gretzky and Janet Varco married in Florida on June 21, 1993, and Ty was born 3 months later on October 11, 1993.Wayne Gretzky proposed to Janet in January 1991. The couple married in Florida on June 21, 1993. On September 5, 1996, Trevor was born.Wayne Gretzky is a grandfather to Maddison Grace Gretzky (born May 2016), Theodore Alexander Gretzky (born December 2016), Emilia May Gretzky (born December 2017).

What does Trevor Gretzky do for a living?

Trevor Gretzky is the co-owner and president of the World Cup themed bar, One Hope One Dream, which is located in the Old Port of Providence. The bar was founded with the goal of raising funds for Benins first and only World Cup Team, Atomic Fanta, and World Vision in 2016. It is one of only two places in Rhode Island that have World Cup themed decor and memorabilia. The other is called Theos Bar on South Shore Plaza. Mr. Gretzky is also a barista at Theos Bar. The inspiration for One Hope One Dream came from Benin 2011 bid President Thomas Gaetan Souitterine from Scirebe, who told Mr. Gretzky: We are losing our people to the night life, but you can change that here in Rhode Island.

How many children do Wayne and Janet Gretzky have?

There are two children.Wayne Gretzky and Janet Gretzky have two daughters:Miranda Gretzky (born 1989), and Madeleine Gretzky (born 1995).The couple divorced in July 2000.

Does any of Wayne Gretzky son play hockey?

No, none of Wayne Gretzky’s sons have played hockey. Jake Gretzky is a professional golfer who has played on the PGA Tour, where he has won four times and was a member of the 2008 United States team in the Eisenhower Trophy. Fredrik Gretzky is a choreographer, dancer and actor whose daughter Olivia is also an actress. And Donovan Gretzky plays golf, including on the PGA Tour.

What do gretzkys kids do?

They are well behaved, sweet, nice kids. They’re very kind, sensitive and loving..Sorry for the quality of photo, I don’t have a camera phone 🙂

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