How many kids does wanya have

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to learn the number of children Wanya has. However, we can speculate on how many children he might have.The birth of a child is a difficult and dangerous event that occurs in life. Therefore, it is likely that Wanya has been married for a long time so that he could take care of any children he has at this point. I suspect that there are two children from the two previous marriages: John and Nessa.I also think that he might have a daughter named Maisha from his first marriage to Sissy. Sissy died of leukemia at the age of 22, but Maisha may be living with her cousin T-Boy or with her Aunt Anita or Tasha as she is known in the family. I also believe that there are two other sons: one who lives in Memphis and one who lives in Los Angeles. The boy who lives in Memphis is probably more mature than his little brother Brandon and may be helping take care of their fathers business while he travels around the world with Amy. If Wanya hadnt died, I think he would be very proud of all his sons; they turned out to be pretty amazing men themselves!

Who is the father of WanMor?

It is WanMor.

Wanya Morris From Boyz II Men 4 Son’s Can Sang!

Wanya Morris From Boyz II Men 4 Son’s Can Sang! Mind Blown!!

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